Preparing for WIA 2012 - Midwest and the HTO

In a couple of weeks we will be in our booth in the Northern Kentucky Convention Center running the Hand Tool Olympics for the fifth time.

We always have a great time runiing the olympics, teaching some skills, meeting people and getting together with old friends. If you are attending the conference be sure to stop by out booth, have some fun and set yourself up to win some great prizes. We give away many of the tools we use in the HTO, tools from Bad Axe, Lie Nielsen, Lee Valley, Rob Cosman and Ron Herman. I always try to have a new, fun event each year. This year it is Nageltreffen. Each contestant („Nagler“) must „den Nagel auf den Kopf treffen“ („hit the nail on the head“). In German „Nagler“ means „nailer,“ but is also a slang term for someone who is good at something. So step in to the Schlagring with your fellow contestants and find out who the Nagler really is! This is really just pounding nails in a stump, but with rules! I couldn't do this without my friends who volunteer to help every year, be sure to thank them. So follow Ned Lud to the HTO!

This way people!!