Rage Against the Machine!!

I am fairly certain that Chris Schwarz and I are Luddites! Many people mistakenly think of the Luddites as being anti-technology. What the Luddites were really striving for was the ability to retain control of the weaving industry as granted to them in the 1663 Royal Charter of the Company of Framework Knitters (stockingers). Two major grievances of the time were the mills employment of “colts” or unskilled workers that had not completed their 7 year apprenticeship as required by law, and the production of shoddy materials, stockings that were made in long tubes and sewn shut rather than stockings woven in one piece without seams which held their shape and lasted longer. The rules limiting the number of looms a weaver could possess were also being violated. Typical to guilds at the time the penalties for breaking these rules were fines, destruction of shoddy merchandise, and finally destruction of the offenders looms. The Luddites raged against a machine composed of big business and the government. Two hundred years later we are living with the end results of the Luddites loss in their struggle to maintain quality jobs, decent pay and respect for workers, and quality goods for consumers. Put that in your Antichrist's tool chest! Remember the followers of Ned Ludd the next time you buy socks!

This illustration of Ned Ludd is from a book published in 1812, called Rage Against The Machine. You can see that Ned looked good in a dress.

Mr. Schwarz must feel that he looks good in a skirt as well! In his blog he says, “Now that you know my dirty secret, it’s time to fess up about my other vices. Next week, I’m going to torture helpless animals, smoke unfiltered cigarettes and eat a pound of chicken-fried bacon. While wearing a skirt.”— Christopher Schwarz