See You There: WIA- Hand Tool Olympics

Six of us a getting ready to head out the door for WIA. This will be my fourth WIA and my third with the Hand Tool Olympics (HTO). The HTO has been a great way to get to meet other woodworkers from around the country and make some new friends. We always try to keep it fun and informational and we welcome those who want to lend a hand or hang out and watch after they have competed. I believe we are the only booth in the Market Place that isn't selling anything! There are some great prizes, we give away some of the tools we use during the events, one to the conference attendee with the best overall score and one to the attendee who wins the raffle for that event. The only way you can win is to participate. I find that is the case with my woodworking as well, the only way to improve is to practice. Keep an eye on the HTO booth as well as we will be encouraging some of the presenters and vendors to go head to head in some of the events. If you feel the need to have a “throw down” with someone call them out and let me know, we will set it up during our awards ceremony on Saturday at 5:00. Be there to see who gets a prize, maybe it's you! The prizes for this year are:

2 sets of three chisels (1/4, 3/8 & 3/4) – from John Payne

2 Rip Saws (26” with 5.5 TPI) – from Ron Herman

2 Crosscut Saws (26” with 8 TPI) – from Ron Herman

2 Braces w/ 10” sweep (Stanley Yankee 2101-A Bit Brace) – from Jim Bode Tools

2 Jointer Planes – from Lee Valley

2 Tenon Saws – from Bad Axe Tool Works – Mark Harrell

I want to thank these vendors for their generosity as well as PWW for giving us booth space and my team of “Officials”, Jim Van Hoven, Dean Jansa, Tom Howard, Steve Schwabacher and Jeff Hand. Be sure and stop by the HTO and try your hand at the events. See you soon! Mike Siemsen

Dean Jansa works with a young competitor cutting dovetails

Peter Follansbee and Mike Siemsen and go hatchet vs. saw

Ron Herman and Mike Siemsen go head to head in a ripping „Throw Down“.

You ever know who will show up. Roy Underhill and Mike Siemsen watching a young person boring.