18th Century Chisel Making

My friend Dean Jansa has wanted some 18th century style chisels for his Seaton tool chest for sometime now. Having exhausted efforts to have others make them we decided to make them ourselves. We were able to borrow a couple of 18th century P. Law chisels for examples from our friend John Walkowiak. Our choice for material was O-1 tool steel. We purchased various sized blanks from McMaster Carr to match the 12 chisel sizes, 1/16th through 2" and a 1 1/4" #3 sweep gouge. Since we were able to get four chisels from a blank we invited two other guys to join us, Tom Howard and Steve Schwabacher. We decided to meet on Tuesday nights which we have dubbed „Tool Tuesday“. We have sawed, ground, filed, hardened and tempered the steel,flattened the backs and fitted them with handles. We used the 2" wide chisel in a demo we did for the M-WTCA tool meet in Hastings, MN. It was great fun to use and it worked great!

18th Century chisel samples

P.Law makers mark

An apparently New Old Stock 18th century chisel

Here are the chisel blades

The finished chisels mounted to a display board ready to go to the Northern Woods Show.