Nicholson Bench Horse

We have been busy making Windsor chairs which, as you may know, require several spindles in the back. These spindles are drawknifed and spokeshaved to shape on a shaving horse. We had four shave horses but needed another so I created this appliance for the Nicholson Bench, The Bench Horse.

The Four Horsemen on their steeds!

The Nicholson Bench Horse

A closer view

The Bench Horse Removed from the bench.

The Horse is supported by two wooden pegs going into the holes in the side of the bench. It is then held in place by a holdfast. The operator sits on a saw bench and uses the horse in the same manner as a traditional shavehorse. It works fairly well and will be easy to store and transport for demonstrations.

A shot of the shop full of partially completed Windsor chairs. These chairs are a great project.