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From the 1927 book, How to Work With Tools and Wood, published by Stanley Rule and Level. This photo pretty much speaks for itself. 

There's a Hole In The Bucket! Getting Started in Woodworking With Hand Tools

Getting started in woodworking can be a bit like the the old song „There's a Hole In the Bucket“, at every turn there is an excuse or stumbling block to success until you come back to the beginning and start over with the same litany of excuses. We are here to break that cycle and help beginning woodworkers get started. We will build up our tool kit and skills as we build a pair of sawhorses. In later posts we will build a Nicholson style workbench and a tool box as we add to our skills and tools. With that old song playing in the background we will help you get past the excuses and into woodworking.

Nicholson Vise Question

I received this question from another Mike wondering about the „original style“ vise on the Nicholson Bench.

I hope this finds you doing well. I have a quick question regarding your Nicholson bench. I currently have a Nicholson which has a twin-screw vise rather than a copy of the original like you included in your bench. I've heard some pretty negative comments about the original style, but it certainly looks like it takes up less room than my twin screw, which requires 34". Would be nice to get some of that space back to make planing easier and more comfortable.

Rage Against the Machine!!

I am fairly certain that Chris Schwarz and I are Luddites! Many people mistakenly think of the Luddites as being anti-technology. What the Luddites were really striving for was the ability to retain control of the weaving industry as granted to them in the 1663 Royal Charter of the Company of Framework Knitters (stockingers).

Only 11 Months to go to WIA 2012

The adventure and fun that was WIA 2011 is behind us now. Only 11 months to go until WIA 2012 (unless they change the date!). It was great to see old friends and meet some new ones. The Hand Tool Olympics went well and was a big hit with those that competed. I want to thank my friends who helped out in the booth, Tom Howard, Steve Schwabacher, Jeff Hand, John Griffin-Wiesner, Emily Bonhan-Owen, Dean Jansa, Nick Stahlmann, Bob Rozaieski and Mark Hochstein. This is a great crew of people and I couldn't do it without them.

WIA- Hand Tool Olympics

If your going to WIA be sure to stop by the Hand Tool Olympics and have a go at some of the events. We are there to help with the events with services ranging from tutelage and encouragement to heckling as is warranted. Visit with members of SAPFM and view the furniture they have on display, ask them how they made it, have fun, learn things!!
Be sure to keep an eye on the Blogger's Challenge, sure they write about woodworking but where do they stand in the pantheon of heroes? There will be teams of 3 bloggers each competing for honor, dominance and plain old fun!

Building a Roubo type frame resaw

Our quest to make a frame re-saw began at the first WIA when we tried out Adam Cherubini's ver­sion. Adam's saw didn't work very well and we thought it was because the blade was too thin but we weren't sure. In making our frame re-saw or veneer saw we began with a bit of research. We looked at plates in Roubo and studied photos of saws in the Hay shop at Colonial Williamsburg, we also looked at examples of Swedish saws available in our area. The saws all seemed to be about the same size with slight variations on the hardware and handle shapes.

Des Moines Workshop

I just finished teaching a workshop for the Des Moines Woodworkers Association. What a nice group of guys and what great facilities they have access to! The Seminar room behind the Woodsmith store is fantastic as is Bob Saunders classroom space at his Prairie Rose Studio. There were eight students building a small chest with two drawers.

2011 WIA conference, save the date!

I hope to see you there competing in the Woodworking Olympics! The conference is always a good time and a good place to meet up with friends and rub shoulders with the famous and infamous!

The Woodworking in America team is proud to announce the dates for the 2011 Woodworking in America conference – September 30th – October 2nd, 2011, at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center.


Tool Tuesday: Bitstock

Our group worked together to make bitstocks John brought in a couple of old ones and we studied some photos to come up with this fairly standard design. We made them from hard maple. The body was sawn out and shaped by hand. While the body was still a rough blank we bored a 1/2 inch hole in each end , we made sure the holes were along the same axis and centered in the stock. The lower hole was made square with a mortise chisel.

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